Product Spotlight – Razer Deathadder


As most of you will know by now, we like to highlight one product every week that we think is worth you guys at least having a look at and seeing what you think. Last week we were talking about the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator, which lets you control games without a keyboard, charmingly enough. This week though, we’ve been mouse aware people.

Click the image to see the main page for the Deathadder :)

Click the image to see the main page for the Deathadder 🙂

Razer’s Deathadder isn’t quite the massively high end kit that incredibly serious (read: possibly too serious) gamers demand, like the wireless monster that is the Mamba, but it’s still an excellent piece of kit and it’s priced low for what it is. While higher end gaming mice typically weigh in around the €100 mark, we’ve been impressed by how well it handles itself, especially considering the fact that it’s just €37.50. Moreover, we’ve seen brick and mortar shops carrying it at around the €85 mark, which is a bit much.

It features a 1.8k DPI sensor and the usual Razer decal, with a pulsing blue LED behind it for good measure. It’s got a 2.1m USB cable, just in case you keep your tower on the floor (like people used to in the stone age). It also has two supplementary buttons on the left hand side, by the thumb, that should help those of you who feel the need to map extra controls to the mouse, rather than the keyboard. Its Teflon feet mean it doesn’t grip a desk either, which is always a pleasant report on a mouse.

You can pick up the Razer Deathadder and read more detailed specifications here.

Naturally, it’s not going to give you quite the same performance as something like the Mamba (pictured below), but given that the Mamba weighs in at €112 you’d expect it to perform that bit better.

Click the image above if you're properly hardcore and like the Mamba a lot :)

Click the image above if you're properly hardcore and like the Mamba a lot 🙂


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