Office 2010 Suggestion Box Opens


Given the backlash has been getting since its decision to move in the same ribbon-interface direction as Microsoft, it make a lot of sense to see Microsoft’s employees opening the development process of Office 2010 up a little, if only in an unofficial capacity.

I'm very glad to see Clippy isn't in the common tags :D

I'm very glad to see Clippy isn't in the common tags 😀

Two Microsoft employees have launched a page with the simple and memorable address of Its mandate is as simple as its name, with the two outlining that,

“We’re two Microsoft employee’s looking to collect customer ideas on how to improve Microsoft Office. If you’ve got a new feature idea or an idea on how to improve Microsoft Office, please share it here…and vote on other ideas you agree with. Through the magic of crowd-sourcing the best ideas should rise to the top.

“Although we are employed by Microsoft, this is not an official Microsoft website. You should not expect an official response from Microsoft by posting an idea here, but we’ll do our best to get the ideas posted here in front of the right people within the Office development team.”

All this means, really, is that the suggestions made on the page won’t necessarily get the attention we might think they deserve. What is particularly interesting is the tag cloud at the moment, which shows some unusual leanings. The word “menu” is particularly noticeable, with a tremendous number of users requesting the ability to turn off the “ribbon” menu system introduced in Office 2007.

You can register your opinion over at the Office 2010 suggestion box, here.


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