Details of Eircom Anti-Piracy Agreement Leak


The whole furore that started when Eircom ads began appearing on the decidedly unsavoury The Pirate Bay search pages has continued to get stranger and stranger. Now, details of an anti-piracy agreement between Eircom and IRMA have leaked.


TorrentFreak is reporting that it was passed a leaked document that details the arrangement that Eircom came to with IRMA (the Irish Recorded Music Association) with regard to music piracy among users of Ireland’s biggest Internet Service Provider. For now, as had been previously intimated in discussion of the deal, IRMA will be in a position to pass to Eircom lists of IP addresses it believes to be involved in music piracy. The big reveal here though is that people aren’t just being hunted for uploading, but for downloading too, which is quite unusual.

As had been previously revealed, Eircom will be handling the whole affair with a “Graduated Response” or three-strikes policy. Basically, your first strike is a warning that you’ve been up to no good and basically should start being more honest. The second is a warning is that you risk disconnection if you continue. The third is a disconnection, with the alleged document saying that “the subscriber will be served by Eircom with a termination notice and, subject to extenuating circumstances arising, will be disconnected thereafter.”

It’s interesting to see the escalation laid out in plain terms, moreover, it’s interesting to see that there’s a fairly massive get-out clause thrown into the TorrentFreak article that runs,

“Eircom has also reserved the right to remove a customer from a particular level or not to effect a disconnection where Eircom has received representations or complaints and believes that the infringement as alleged has not taken place or where there are particular extenuating circumstances which would make the disconnection of the customer unjustified.
Eircom will engage with that person at all times to ensure that there is a full understanding of the issues and that any accidental or unintentional infringement can be identified and remedied.”

If you ask us, the whole thing sounds a bit suspect. The idea that IRMA can pass on IP addresses to Eircom of users it believes to be infringing copyright seems as though it could well be rife with errors. Moreover, while Ericom certainly sounds as though it’d be receptive to complaints, it’s often the experience that actually getting in touch to have issues like these sorted out can be significantly more difficult than it’s usually made out to be.

You can check out the original TorrentFreak article here. They’ve got a lot more righteous indignation than us, so you should probably take it all with a pinch of salt. Still though, it’s interesting news.


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4 Responses to “Details of Eircom Anti-Piracy Agreement Leak”

  1. Oisin Says:

    Violates due process and brands people as having committed an illegal act, the proper place for the IMRO to be taking is up is in the courts and with the Gardaí.

    Eircom is not empowered to be investigatory and judicial arm of the state.

  2. Andrew Says:

    @Oisin It doesn’t violate any due process. Eircom is perfectly entitled to withdraw it’s service where there is reasonable evidence of a violation of it’s terms of service.

    It’s less than convienient for some people, but it’s not empowering eircom to do anything but enforce the terms of it’s own service.

  3. komplettie Says:

    While Andrew’s argument is entirely correct, Oisin is right in saying that these kinds of agreements empower IRMA (and to some degree Eircom) to look through things with a certain frivolous approach to privacy that is a little discomfiting.

    That said, IRMA does have to prove to Eircom that the means by which it has obtained its list of users pirating material are all above board. I guess that one depends on whether or not you’re too cynical to believe it 😉

  4. Eircom to Block The Pirate Bay « Komplett Ireland Says:

    […] as though just when the situation over at The Pirate Bay can’t seem to get any stranger, the Irish angle on it specifically takes a turn for the entirely bizarre. Eircom has determined that, from Septmber […]

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