Cork-based SensL Ups Cancer Detection Ante


The Cork-based low light detection and measurement company, SensL has released details of its new medical imaging setup, which it claims aids in the detection of cancer.

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The Sunday Business Post is carrying news that SensL has developed a four sided, silicon photomultiplier (SMP) array capable of low light detection. The primary application for the new technology is in the detection of cancers. According to SensL’s “Nuclear Medicine” page, the SMP will replace more cumbersome vacuum tube based photomultipliers currently used in the detection of cancers.

SensL’s Carl Jackson said of the SMP, “Simply put, if you want to detect the presence of cancer, they put a substance in your blood which will then move to where the cancer is and start giving off photons, which can then be detected.” Moreover, he intoned that there are countless applications outside the medical field in which these kinds of SMPs might be used, not least of which security and research.

SensL boasts that it offers the “most comprehensive SML portfolio on the market,” and that it’s detectors are ideal for OEM and research nuclear medicine systems.

You can read about SensL’s business, the SML and it’s revenue over at the Sunday Business Post page here. Or, if you’re more interested in the technology itself than in the company, you can take a look at the slide show that details just how SensL put the whole arrangement together, here.


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