Google Launches iGoogle Social


For those using Gmail who aren’t already using a nice customised iGoogle page, you probably should be. Google has today announced that it’s launching social gadgets for iGoogle.

Picture 1

For now, the social gadgets for iGoogle are a little limited, there being only nineteen, but we’d imagine that figure will grow fairly swiftly. Some of the gadgets are entirely what you’d expect to see, the To-Do List in particular won’t be wowing anyone, but the addition of Scrabble to iGoogle is one we welcome so much most of you likely wouldn’t believe it. For others, we’re sure the YouTube and Chess gadgets will be far more interesting, but we’re language kids.

For us, the only issue has been that when you’re trying to share a gadget with friends that your options are listed not alphabetically, but in an order determined (it seems) by who you contact most often. I don’t know about you guys, but I most certainly don’t want to invite my boss to play scrabble with me… but he’s the number one option.

Moreover, Google is opening up the development of social gadgets in the same way it does with pretty much everything. You can see just how to build your own social gadgets for iGoogle at, here.

You can read the full blog post about the social side of iGoogle, here.


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