Mac OS X Snow Leopard Ahead of Schedule


Reports started coming out yesterday afternoon that the current developers build of Apple’s new update to OS X, Snow Leopard, might well represent the finished version of the operating system, what many are calling the “golden master” version.


While Apple had announced a fairly vague release date of “September” for the upcoming OS update, nobody had more detail than that until the news started to leak out that it might well be finished already. Speculation abounded, but TechCrunch is reporting that we likely won’t be disappointed if we expect it to ship in or around August 28th.

For those unfamiliar, Snow Leopard won’t be the same kind of step up as for anyone who upgraded from Tiger to Leopard. Instead, it will focus largely on performance. Moreoever, by dropping a all of the necessary mess needed to make leopard PPC and Intel compatible, Apple has ensured that Snow Leopard is significantly smaller once installed. While this might not be ideal for some users, it’s welcome news to anyone who’s picked up a Mac in the past couple of years.

Some of the things that have been hyped by some news sites are the fact that Snow Leopard is launching ahead of Windows 7 and that the upgrade cost ($29) is cheaper than Windows’. For our money, we’re willing to bet that these aren’t things Windows users take into account when they’re buying their OS upgrades. It seems strange to think that people live in a world where the launch of an OS for a platform they don’t use might somehow influence purchasing. It’s an odd position.

You can read an awful lot more of the Snow Leopard conjecture over at TechCrunch, here.


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