Microsoft and Nokia Team Up


Microsoft and Nokia have buddied up to provide versions of Office Mobile to some of Nokia’s non-Windows Mobile smartphones. While it looked like there might be a move for Nokia to Windows Mobile, that’s looking increasingly unlikely now.


Nokia has never seen eye-to-eye with Microsoft on the subject of mobile OSes before, but being a dominant player in the European phone market means that it’s definitely in Microsoft’s best interests to cosy up to Nokia a bit. While many had taken the news that the two were in talks to mean that the winds of change would blow Symbian OS away from Nokia’s smartphone line.

This seems not to be the case now, with Office Mobile and Office Communicator looking like they’ll see Symbian ports. For now, All About Microsoft points out that the only product that’s seen any real commitment has been to brining Office Communicator Mobile to Nokia devices.

For those without any experience of it, Office Communicator is basically an IM client aimed at business users, which seems like just the kind of thing that would do well to precede the release of Office Mobile on a wider range of handsets. For now though, both Nokia and Microsoft have been relatively quiet about Office Mobile itself, so we’d imagine that side of things hasn’t been hashed out entirely yet.

Moreover, some of the Office Communicator staff’s themes are truly grotesque; this one is particularly tragic:


Anyway, you can read more about the whole Microsoft/Nokia thing over at All About Microsoft, here.


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