Cheer Up – It’s nearly the weekend!


Hello all, as usual we’ve put together just a little bit of a blog post that we hope will cheer up those of you stuck in work, because (let’s face it) the last few hours before the start of the weekend are always the longest, hardest hours you’ll encounter. I say this most weeks, we’re not allowed to legally guarantee that these posts will cheer you up, but we’ll do our best 🙂

The following video is rumoured to have been funded/part-funded by Microsoft as part of its spiralling drive to stay hip, young and relevant for long enough that Microsoft Office 2010 will seem new and fresh.

Apart from Microsoft’s kind of self-harmful attempts to stay relevant, we found during the week that both myself and Denis from RMA are adequate pancake sculptors. Denis shot me this early in the week:



And I responded in kind, though I didn’t have access to his syrupy art supplies:


I guess there’s not much more to say in this post except to enjoy your weekends. I leave you with something one of our Twitter followers and sometimes blog commenter sent me that sums up that Friday feeling in an image of someone we’d like to think knows how to party hard.


Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


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