Amazon’s Cloud Accessible by Post


One of Amazon’s Web Service’s stranger services is the ability to backup a practically unlimited amount of data to its own storage. While you’ve got to pay for it, it’s one of those moves that brings a fully cloud-based future a bit closer to reality, so naturally we’re all very impressed by it. Now though, you can access all that storage through the post.

When I first saw the diagram, I thought it might be a joke...

When I first saw the diagram, I thought it might be a joke...

The problem with having a massive amount of storage available off-site is that, using the conventional old modern-day internet, it can take an awfully long time to actually upload it all. For a while now, Amazon has been offering to backup from a storage device you send them, physically. It might seem strange, but in an odd kind of way it makes perfect sense. Now, they’re offering exactly the same process, but in reverse.

If you’re one of those Amazon customers who has used the service to backup a herculean amount of data and you happen to lose all of that data, downloading it again could be as bothersome a task as the initial upload would have been. No more however, Amazon is offering customers the ability to post them an empty storage device and (for a fee, of course) it will have its staff copy the contents of your backup onto the device.

For now, we’re told that Amazon only supports this feature for users with US “buckets” but that it’ll be rolled out to Europeans in the coming months. We’ll have to be content for now with the genuinely laudable irony of the fact that you can now post your data to the cloud, which is just staggering.

You’ll be expected to pay $80 for the privilege of sending in a drive and then another ¢2.49 for every hour that you spend transferring. Still though, for that $80 you get the ability to use cloud-based services without necessarily even having the internet. Impressive stuff.

You can read the Amazon Web Services blog about it here.


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