Google Wave to Launch in September


There’s been an awful lot of buzz about Google’s upcoming Wave, which it seems to think will completely revolutionise the way people use and think about the web. For now, we don’t know an awful lot about Wave apart from some interesting features, but now we have word of a release date at least.

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InfoQ is carrying the news that Google Wave will enter an open preview state on the 30th of September. This makes sense, if only because there have been things leaking out for the past month or so that Google Wave was starting to look like a very interesting service. For those of you who haven’t already seen it, you might want to take a little time to check out this video of Wave being demonstrated at Google I/O earlier in the year.

To cut a long story short, Google is calling it an open source “personal communication and collaboration tool”. We’re told it’ll allow collaboration from multiple users on single projects, with multiple editors going through a project at once being a distinct possibility. It might seem simple, but it’s something that’s near impossible to find elsewhere. It also offers real-time translation of IM conversations, which is just spectacular to see.

Anyway, enough gushing about something that’ll be out in a month anyway, suffice it to say we’re kind of excited about it in a way we don’t normally let ourselves get about web-based services 😉

You can read a lot more about the Wave preview at InfoQ, here, including more details on just what the project entails.


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