Opera 10 Hits Third Beta – Looking Good


Opera, the browser many consider to be behind the Microsoft anti-trust case in Europe regarding its bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows, has released the third beta version of Opera 10.


DailyTech is reporting that this third release continues the trend of increasing speed from the Opera team. For now, Opera isn’t the fastest browser going (being a little behind Chrome and Safari), but it’s fast edging up on Firefox, which is no mean feat. Opera 10’s persistent push for speed makes a lot of sense if you consider the fact that Opera was once known for being the nimblest browser on the market.

That said, Opera has since become far better known for its more modern features, not least of which its “Speed Dial”. Speed Dial is relatively simple; when you open a new tab, you’re presented with the pages you visit most regularly (or those you decide you’d like to see when you open a new tab). It might seem common now that both Safari and Google Chrome boast similar functions, but (unless we’ve missed something) Opera was the first mainstream browser to offer a Speed Dial style feature by default.

Further, for reasons we still can’t properly understand or fully incorporate… Opera boasts a torrent client within the browser itself. It’s an unusual feature, but we’d imagine it’s a boon to anyone who doesn’t want to spend all their time acting as family tech support to people who don’t fully understand just what it is that torrents do.

In my own experience, Opera is an excellent browser, but for some reason every time I’ve installed it I’ve had a dreadful time with Flash and have eventually crawled back to Firefox.

You can read an awful lot more about Opera 10’s third beta release over at DailyTech, where they go into far more detail than I do on aesthetics and languge options, here.


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