Sony Patents Emotion Tracking


Sony Computer Entertainment America has patented the admittedly unusual idea of tracking users emotions through a games console for use as a kind of input. For now it’s all pretty vague, but the images are intriguing.

What a diagram :)

What a diagram 🙂

Siliconera is reporting on the SCEA patent, which appears to use a convergence of a microphone and a PlayStation Eye to detect things like laughter from the person playing a game on a PlayStation 3. The only question really is how well a device like this can possibly track and recognise facial expressions at the kinds of distances people play games at.

The other issue is that the whole thing seems to take a sharp trip into fantasyland after that, with one of the things to be recorded and recognised listed under group social interactions, “when two individuals give each other a ‘High Five.’” The only problem with that is that the example, the high five, is a fairly recognisable gesture regardless of who performs it. It’s also relatively rare. One wonders just how well a machine could recognise a ragequit.

This is one of those cases where the execution could well be far more difficult than the patent makes clear. Moreover, it seems as though these kinds of issues could be measured far more efficiently with a combination of the microphone and in-game behaviour. Still, it’s interesting to see Sony pushing out in new directions.

You can read the original post at Siliconera, here. It doesn’t have any graphs, but it’s got a very demonstrative flowchart, and they’re almost as good.


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