Special Offers – August 17th


Good afternoon everyone, I hope this Sunny Monday afternoon finds you well. As most of you will already know, we throw up an article every Monday afternoon to outline some special offers that will be running for the week. Usually there are three, but when there are more than three (and sometimes there are a lot more) we narrow it down to what we think are the three most attractive ones.

This week, we have a Creative PMP, a Radeon HD 4870 and a Samsung camera. Without further ado, here are the devices themselves 🙂

Creative ZEN X-Fi 16GB:

Creative’s ZEN was long the only real competitor to Apple’s iPod in terms of high capacity, HDD based portable music players. The Zen X-Fi is a far more attractive beast than any of the older Zen’s but it comes with a long history behind it. It feels refined and quite durable.


The X-Fi boasts 16GB of internal memory, which is quite unusual at €159. Moreover, it’s got an SD card slot, for those of you who’d like to expand on the internal memory by adding some of your own – especially given how cheap SD cards are now. All that space can be put to good use if you want to throw a few videos on the device. If nothing else, you probably won’t have the same conversion headaches with the Creative as you would with an iPod. It supports MPEG-4, DivX, XviD and WMV playback, which is charming.

It also boasts an FM tuner, which is something sadly still quite rare in portable devices, given how far we’ve come in pretty much every other area. Overall, it’s a nice, high quality device, with a 2.5” display and a built in mic.

As you might expect, it’s got a lithium ion battery built in, so you won’t be breaking the bank on batteries later on. You can check out the Creative Zen X-Fi 16GB, here.

Sapphire Radeon HD4870 2GB:

It’s always hard to know just how much detail to put into graphics cards when they’re on special offer. This Radeon boasts fully 2GB of on board memory, which is impressive, but beyond that it seems as though everyone is interested in different features.


Rather than carve out a mountain of text for you guys to hunt through for features, it seemed an awful lot more sensible to just snapshot the relevant specifications and post them as part of this blog post. They’re below this paragrah 🙂

Radeon Spec

If that’s not enough detail for you (and certainly our more discerning customers will want more details) then you’ll be pleased to know you can see a far more detailed shot of what you can expect to get if you order the Sapphire Radeon HD4870 if you click this link. There’s an awful lot more detail in there though, so don’t go in unprepared.

The Radeon HD 4870 will set you back €177 if you pick it up this week. You can see the main page for it here. It’s also won a few Editor’s Choice awards, which is always nice.

Samsung ES15 Black:

Samsung is generally regarded as a company that makes gorgeous displays, some truly stunning DVD/Blu-ray players and relatively little else. It’s kind of a shame too, considering the fact that Samsung does make some lovely entry-level digital cameras.


As cameras go it’s not something for the serious enthusiast, but it is excellent for anyone looking for a camera they can take on holiday, to concerts or wherever without worrying too much about it getting lost and broken. It’s a lightweight affair at 120g and still boasts resolution up to 10.2 Megapixels, so you shouldn’t be left wanting for quality. It’s also got a 2.5” display, so you won’t find yourself squinting at it every time you want to take a photo.

The only issues you might have are with the 11MB internal memory, but you can throw in a nice big SD card to remedy that without breaking the bank. You can grab a 2GB Sandisk card here for €9.

All in all, it’s a solid deal for anyone looking for a camera to just take snaps with. At €80 it’s a bit of a steal, you can grab it here.


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