Google Chrome gets Bookmark Sync


Google’s Chrome might not have a massive share of the browser market (yet), but it’s definitely becoming one of the browsers to keep an eye on. Google has added the ability to sync bookmarks across multiple machines to the latest developer build of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Logo

The idea behind bookmark syncing is pretty much exactly as simple as you might think it is; it allows users to have the same bookmarks across a smattering of different machines, eliminating the “Did I bookmark this from home or work?” fear by which we’re occasionally gripped. Moreover, it does so by adding your bookmarks to your cloud-based Google Account, which makes the whole process that bit simpler.

What’s particularly nice about this is that you don’t need to do anything special to get your hands on the developer builds of Chrome/Chromium, all you have to do is head over to the Chromium blog and give it a download. It is just the tiniest bit unstable (mine has crashed a couple of times but it’s been nothing tragic), so if you’re working on things that can’t easily be replaced or reclaimed you might be better off just sticking with the standard releases of Chrome.

You can find the Chromium blog post about bookmark sync here.

For now, the Mac build of Chromium doesn’t have it, but we’d imagine it’ll be added relatively soon. When it does this article will be updated.


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2 Responses to “Google Chrome gets Bookmark Sync”

  1. TheChrisD Says:

    Well well, for once Google one-ups Microsoft.

    The only way I can sync my bookmarks on IE8 is to enable to resource-draining slowing down Windows Live Toolbar 😦

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