iPhone Spyware in the Wild


Despite the incredibly rigorous and often inexplicable security measures of the iPhone App Store, it seems as though some fairly dodgy spyware-type behaviour has managed to seep through, finding its way onto innocuous users’ iPhones.


The revelation that the iPhone’s tremendously popular App Store serves up spyware comes in the week following the news that Palm’s smart phone, the Pre, phones home with its users’ locations when using certain applications. For the past few days, it had seemed a feather in the iPhone’s cap that it wasn’t guilty of the same kind of behaviour, though now it seems that for many users it may well be.

For now, the company everyone seems to be pointing at is Pinch Media. As has been pointed out at great length by others, many iPhone apps will already report home some statistics about the use of their own Apps, Pinch Media’s seem to delve a little deeper, with Read Write Web stating that it can check your location, OS version, whether or not your phone has been jailbroken and even pull details if you’ve got Facebook enabled for the phone.

So far though, all of this has been happening from third party apps on the App Store, but seeing as all of those apps must be approved before they can go on sale in the store, Apple may well see blame levelled on it before the whole debacle runs its course.


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