XP Users All Set to Given Windows 7 a Chance


It’s been quite a ride for Microsoft, from the runaway success of Windows XP to (let’s be fair) the doldrums of Windows Vista. Now though, with Microsoft building hype for its upcoming Windows 7, it looks as though users put off by Vista aren’t worried about Windows 7 making the same mistakes.


Technologizer is carrying word of a survey carried out by PC World of XP users with specific regard to their experience with Windows XP, their depth of experience with Windows Vista and just how they’ve felt about it. It’s an interesting study and one that says a lot about the public impression of Windows Vista. Moreover, it shows that many Windows XP devotees look set to change over to Windows 7 when it launches.

Perhaps the saddest thing about Vista is that it’s coming to be generally excepted by many users that while the initial release was dreadful, Vista very much cleaned up its act and became a tighter, more usable operating system over time. Sadly, by then it seems as though the vocal minority (if not a majority) had committed themselves to staying with Windows XP and making damn sure the world knew all about it.

It’s interesting to see that people aren’t just willing to upgrade to a new Microsoft OS, but that they’re happy to update to an entirely new Microsoft OS. If nothing else, it demonstrates that with Windows 7 Microsoft has managed to engender the impression that it knows what it’s doing a lot better than it did with Windows Vista, which is no mean feat considering the backlash from Vista.

If you’re more interested in the results of the survey, Technologizer has more details on the whole survey, including a tremendous number of delicious graphs. You can read their article here.


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