Bing’s Market Share Continues to Grow


Well might the industry at large have scoffed when Microsoft rebranded its MSN Live Search to Bing and splashed out on marketing in a big way. The view in June seemed to be that there was no way Microsoft was going to make a dent in the search market any bigger than the one it had already carved itself.


The New York Times is reporting that Bing’s marketshare has grown yet again, having now gleaned itself 8.9% of the search market. That means that Bing grew slightly more in the month of July than in June, which indicates some very real, and perhaps gathering, momentum on the part of Microsoft’s search engine. Oddly enough, things only get worse for Google the more you look at things.

As we’ve noted here before, the gains Bing made in June were largely users poached from Yahoo’s search engine, but this month’s charts see an equal decline on the parts of both Yahoo and Google, which would indicate that Bing has managed to wean some of Google’s users away from it.

The real question to be asking now isn’t necessarily why Bing is poaching Google’s users, but whether or not it will continue to do so. The fact is that Google, with its simplicity and ubiquity has become the search engine default. The .3% of the market that Microsoft has managed to grab from Google may well be the crowd suitably impressed by the daily picture on Bing (and let’s face it, it’s a lovely feature).

You can read more of the facts and figures over at The New York Times page on Bing, here.


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