Microsoft Pushing WhiteFi


Generally, when it comes to low-cost options for large scale wireless network distribution, we tend to think of technologies like Wi-Max, but there are other interesting technologies being developed that may be more practical. Its been revealed that Microsoft is backing a technology called WhiteFi.


DailyWireless is reporting that WhiteFi is a Wi-Fi like network broadcasting in UHF “white spaces.” White spaces is the term generally used to describe frequencies that have been allocated to a broadcaster, but aren’t being used, and so might be recommissioned for things like, as in this case, wireless data transfer.

To borrow the excellent and succinct description from DailyWireless, “WhiteFi incorporates a new adaptive spectrum assignment algorithm to handle spectrum variation and fragmentation in unused television channels, and proposes a low overhead protocol to handle temporal variation.”

While the mechanical details of just how WhiteFi works are all well and good, what we’re really interested in are the range and data transfer speeds we might be able to expect from a technology like this. Unfortunately, there seems to be relatively little certainty, with expectations ranging between 400-800Mbps at short ranges and 80Mbps from further away.

You can read about WhiteFi in an incredible amount of detail in the excellent article over at DailyWireless, here. We were very pleased to see that it’s replete with graphs and diagrams to make the whole business easier to get a handle on.


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