MySpace Less Annoying by Necessity, Not Choice


It’s been reported for a while now that MySpace Music has been doing an awful lot better than some of the company’s other (read, social networking related) endeavours. Now though, news that the auto-play default being changed from “always on” to “off unless you ask” wasn’t anything to do with how annoying things were, but how much it cost.


According to TechCrunch, MySpace as basically haemorrhaging in the form of streamed music. Moreover, the price of being annoying seems to be a lot higher for MySpace than for other companies, with the streams costing around the $10 million mark every month. Given MySpace’s recent staff cuts, we’d imagine that’s not the kind of money it has to throw around, especially on features that seem so hamfisted.

I suppose the really interesting thing is that one of MySpace’s most frustrating features has now been disabled by default. It might seem simple, but it’s decidedly strange to see that the switch was precipitated by the amount that it cost, rather than the oceans of complaints floating around about it.

One has to wonder if that’s any indication of how things move over at MySpace. It had previously been said that the reason it hadn’t been changed was because it was, basically, a kind of signature that distinguished MySpace music from other, competing services. It’s hard not to wonder why it was such a distinct feature…

You can read an awful lot more about MySpace Music over at TechCrunch, here. They go into far more detail on just how successful MySpace Music has become too, if you’re interested in it.


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