Sony Cuts PS3 Size and Price


As had been heavily rumoured earlier in the month, Sony has announced that it plans to release a slimmed down version of its PlayStation 3 to Europe in November of this year, likely to see a confluence of release hype and Christmas-time sales. The new release will also see the price of the PlayStation 3 drop to €300.


Sony unveiled the new, slimmed down, PlayStation 3 at an event for games press that precedes Cologne’s Games Com 2009. Sony’s Kaz Hirai, head of all things PlayStation, had some choice words on the new PlayStation 3, saying that, in comparison with the older PS3, “It has the same features and functionality, but now it is 32% smaller, 36% lighter and consumes 34% less power.” While that’s good news for the environmentally conscious (and anyone who moves their PS3 around a lot) it doesn’t ring entirely true.

One of the much touted features of the PlayStation 3 had been its backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games. There had before been some doubt cast on this back-compatibility with the move to software, from hardware, emulation – a move that effectively hobbled some games.

Originally news from the conferences seemed to point to Sony adding backwards compatibility via firmware update in the future, but that’s since been knocked on the head by Sony, saying that people should by now be buying PS3s to play PS3 games… which seems sensible enough, if not for the truly vast library of PS2 games still in circulation.

Another feature dropped has been the “install another OS” option, which had been handy for anyone looking to get into development for the Cell processor on the cheap. No word on whether or not Sony intends to re-enable that one though.

We’ll have to take a wait-and-see approach.


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