This is the Last Day You Can Download Windows 7 RC1


We’ve always known that Microsoft wouldn’t keep the free Windows 7 opt-in around forever for testers. It turns out that today, a little over two months before we should expect to see Windows 7 on general release, is the day the fun ends.


The Inquirer has plenty of details on just what you can expect to see out of the RC1 build; it doesn’t have Bluetoorth audio and the AutoRun has been disabled on removable drives… though for some the missing AutoRun will be far more of a blessing than a curse. This version of Windows 7 will be free until June of next year, at which point you might be forced to actually pay for an operating system, mad as it might seem.

What’s nice about this though is that it means you can still download Windows 7 for free and give it a decent test before you consider actually putting down any money on it. Moreoever, you can always download the release candidate, install it and try it out for the best part of a year before you decide on actually buying it, or not buying it, as the case may be.

If nothing else, it’s a great deal for anyone on the lookout for free stuff and an OS install to kill their weekend with 😉 You can download the Windows 7 RC1 from Microsoft here, as long as you do it today.


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3 Responses to “This is the Last Day You Can Download Windows 7 RC1”

  1. nabidana Says:

    Very nice. Or you can get the torrent of the RTM and re-arm the 30 Day Trial twice, which takes you to launch day, which is dodgy but not exactly illegal AFAIK.

    • komplettie Says:

      I don’t like to recommend dodgy… especially not when there’s a legal option around until midnight 😉

      That and this version takes you through to June 2010, without too much fiddling 🙂

  2. windows 7 download Says:

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