Archos to Launch Android Tablet


Word is leaking out about a new device from French portable media player manufacturer, Archos. The upcoming gadget is to be an Android powered tablet capable of 720p playback.


As you might well expect from any new touch-sensitive Archos devices, the device is rumoured to act as an MID (mobile internet device) as well as a portable media player. Gizmodo is reporting that we can expect to see a device with a five-inch screen. What’s most interesting though is the inference Gizmodo has drawn that it’ll boast its own 3.5G internet connection, a feature largely unavailable in devices not designed specifically for the purpose in Europe.

Until now, Archos has tended to go with plain-old wireless, with varying degrees of success. It’ll be interesting to see if an Android based Archos tablet launches a device capable of maintaining its own connection, and if so just how we can expect the service to be monetised.

This is one of those devices about which it’d be easy to get very excited, but for us there’s slightly too much up in the air. Perhaps the single biggest worry will be how well the device’s touch sensitivity can be handled. Archos has until now tended to go with resistive touch screens, rather than capacitance-based touch as in the iPhone/iPod Touch. This is an approach that works quite well with Archos’ own OS, but might not play as nicely with Android.

For now, you can read all of the various rumours coming out about the rumoured Archos device at Gizmodo and TechCrunch.


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