Pre-Order Championship Manager, Set Your Own Price


In a move that many might well find to be eerily reminiscent of Radiohead’s sale of its album In Rainbows for whatever price the users determined it to be worth, Eidos has decided that users pre-ordering the latest Championship Manager game will be able to set their own prices for it.


For now, there’s no telling just how well it’ll work out for them, but given the outrageously positive response to Radiohead’s similar campaign it’s hard to imagine anything going wrong with the Championship Manager sale. For now though, anyone who places an order for Championship Manager 2010 before September 10th will set the price they expect to pay.

The results of this experimental pre-order pricing will hopefully tell us a little more about shopping habits of gamers and whether or not customers are willing to pay less for a game rather than pirate it. It might seem sensible, but the fact is that there are a minority of “customers” out there who will almost certainly be pirating Championship Manager at launch, rather than picking it up for a few euro now.

When the pre-order ends, the price will shift upwards (undoubtedly it’ll be an upwards shift) from “whatever you want” plus a £2.50 transaction fee to around £30. We’ll likely see it in Ireland for around the €40 mark. Anyone interested can pick up the pre-order here.


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