TV-Based Advertising Queried Online


The statistics gatherers at YouGov have found in a recent survey that fully 44% of UK customers research companies to whose advertising they’re exposed to by television on the internet.


According to The Inquirer, this result is indicative of a kind of advertising frenzy; the suggestion seems to be that people, having been hit by heavy duty TV advertising, immediately jump to their PCs to glut themselves on further advertising. We’re choosing to see this in the far more positive light that people are starting to query the information passed along by ads served to them while they’re watching TV in a far more active manner.

It’s long been he purview of search engines to dish up all of the positives and negatives of companies being discussed by web users and consumers at large. In that respect, it seems only sensible to use the internet as a tool to query claims made by companies in non-interactive media. If nothing else this study shows that 44% of people surveyed, when exposed to advertising, chose to query the source of that message at least a little, which can’t possibly be a bad thing.

That said, The Inquirer seems to take a far bleaker view of the whole affair, painting a sordid picture in which, faced with television ads, people immediately scramble to a swivel chair, desperate to gorge themselves on further slogans. It’s an excellent article, if a little bleak.

You can check it out here.


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