Amazon Limiting PS3 Slim Pre-Orders


News is coming in today that is limiting pre-orders of Sony’s upcoming refresh to the PlayStation 3 line, the PS3 Slim, due to the fact that the console is expected to sell out before launch, leading to shortages.


The Register is reporting that the PS3 Slim sales have been limited to one per household in the US. Moreover, for anyone who tries to dodge the limitation by ordering another PS3 Slim to another location, if Amazon notices it’ll cancel both orders… so it’s probably better not to risk it. For now we have no word on whether or not the same policy will be enacted in Europe. However there has been some more interesting news revealed during this whole kafuffle.

When news of the PS3 Slim first hit earlier in the week, the BBC was kind enough to inform us that we’d see release in Europe around the November mark, which set it up nicely for a holiday rush (which seems to be the trend with Sony consoles that aren’t delayed). Strangely, The Register is now reporting on the PS3 Slim with a September release date both here and in the US.

While it’d be lovely to see an earlier release in Europe, Sony has firmly established a trend of last-minute delays on its European console release with the PlayStation Portable and the original PlayStation 3. We’ll have to wait and see how things unfold, but of course, sooner would be better than later.

You can read more about Amazon’s PS3 Slim limiting over at The Register, here.


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One Response to “Amazon Limiting PS3 Slim Pre-Orders”

  1. Playstation 3 Slim Says:

    ive been wanting to buy a ps3 for a long time, but i already had an xbox 360 so i figured i could do without a ps3…

    until the red ring of death, that is. stupid stupid stupid xbox and their 54% failure rate. wtf. well, thank you microsoft for making such a crappy system, because it gave me the perfect excuse to purchase a ps3 slim!!!

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