Cheer up Everyone – The Weekend’s Nearly Here


As I’m sure most of you will know by now, we put up a blog post every Friday with some bits and pieces that we think might cheer you guys up during the final leg of the run through the week and into the weekend. This week, we’re opening with this genuinely amazing YouTube video of two German girls doing things I’d never have suspected possible on a bike.

If you’re anything like us then that video required a quick shout around the get the people nearest to you to run over and have a look at the amazing things happening over the course of that (mute terror at the standing-on-the-handlebars bits). The next segment is a bit of a nostalgia trip, but worthwhile.

I had been peering through various games (Mirror’s Edge, Assassin’s Creed and some other bits and pieces) thinking about what to play and it came to me that they don’t make game box art nearly as well as they used to when we were kids… so I went looking for the box art to some of my favourites as a kid.

It turns out the artwork was similarly dreadful when we were kids too. Megaman and Pac-man are particularly guilty.

There's so much wrong here it's hard to know where to start...

There's so much wrong here it's hard to know where to start...

This just needlessly complicated Pac-man...

This just needlessly complicated Pac-man...

Alright all, this is the last blog of the week. I hope we’ve managed to make your work day a little more tolerable. If nothing else, you can claim that while you were “researching” our blog you found out that we’re offering free delivery to our PUP pretty much indefinitely now. It’s a “For the foreseeable future” deal, but I don’t imagine it’ll be going anywhere anytime soon 🙂

Before we go, you know the mobile phone throwing championships are nearly upon us again? I didn’t… be forewarned.

Phone Throwing


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2 Responses to “Cheer up Everyone – The Weekend’s Nearly Here”

  1. Matt Says:

    Those game covers are truly awful….

    Don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but there’s a group of artists who do paintings based on old games. Google ‘I Am 8 Bit’. There’ some pretty cool stuff, including an intentionally cheesy cover they did for the release of Mega Man 9 for PS3.

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