Snow Leopard to Hit This Friday?


Reports have been streaming in that Apple’s upcoming update to Mac OS X, Snow Leopard is finished a little earlier than expected. While it might be expected that Apple would simply reach the release date with a little spare time for whatever might crop up, it’s starting to look as though the company may simple launch Snow Leopard earlier than planned.


Macenstein is reporting, citing “reliable sources in Elk Grove”, that support training for Snow Leopard is already underway. If that is the case, it would certainly seem to indicate that Snow Leopard is a little closer to release than Apple’s initial release date, especially given the fact that Apple had had simply stated “September” as the release date.

Of course, for many of those to whom this might be relevant, this news won’t really cause too much of a stir. A significant number of users have already downloaded Snow Leopard developer build 10A432, which we’ve since been assured isn’t the version that would later go on to be dubbed the Golden Master. All this means is that users out there on what was initially purported to be the “Golden Master” may experience bugs that the retail version has had patch out.

For now, the Apple stores for both the US and UK (and Ireland, though ours is usually late to update) list Snow Leopard as having a launch date of “September”. It’ll be interesting to see if Apple can release ahead of time, and whether or not that’ll curb the piracy of the not-quite-release copies out there.

You can read more about Snow Leopard training for Apple over at Macenstein, complete with some shots of the training manuals, here.


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