Is Nokia Building a Netbook?


Times are hard for Nokia; while total sales haven’t dropped significantly in the last twelve months, profit has taken a major hit. It’s come out now that the Scandinavian phone company may be looking into the netbook world for more opportunities.


According to The Economic Times, Nokia’s president, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo mentioned the project when asked about the possibility of a netbook while in India. Kallasvuo’s statement opened with “… the PC and the mobile will continue to come closer and merge. A lot of opportunity can be seen in this converged area.” As though that weren’t enough to get people thinking, Kallasvuo went on to state pretty explicitly that Nokia is considering a netbook.

Apparently, “…Nokia is actively looking at this converged market… We are looking at the netbook market to see what kind of opportunity is there.” The only question from our point of view is just what kind of hardware Nokia might crank out. At the moment, it’s got something of a penchant for usability, and given that the majority of complaints we have about netbooks tend to be ergonomic complaints, it seems Nokia could fit very well into that market.

Still, as we pointed out at the beginning of this article, things aren’t going too well for Nokia at the moment. For one thing, it’s popularity in Europe never seems to have translated into the US, and in a time when markets seem to just plain have less money, that lack of universal appeal hasn’t been kind to Nokia.

Still, if Nokia were to produce a netbook it seems likely that it might be just the thing to raise the ailing company’s fortunes a little. If nothing else, you can read the original Ecomonic Times article here.


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