Mozilla Displeased With Browser Ballot


The Mozilla Coporation, the folks behind the fine Firefox Browser, is making it known that it’s not too pleased with the suggestion of a “ballot” option to allow users to choose their browser of choice in Windows 7.


While most had originally been in favour of the browser ballot option, it’s now been revealed that that positive feeling most certainly is not universal. Specifically, the Mozilla Foundation’s chair, Mitchell Baker, has had some choice words to say about Microsoft’s proposed ballot, not least of which the fact that,

“IE appears to retain other privileged positions in the user interface, depending on the exact windows[sic] operating system configuration one uses. The most important of these is probably in the taskbar of Windows 7, which contains IE prominently. Microsoft has described the taskbar as the ‘beachfront property of the Windows OS’ – it’s next to the start menu and you see it even when your desktop is covered with all your program windows.”

Of course, it should probably be noted that a browser ballot is a lot more than Mozilla was getting from Microsoft before (when Microsoft had proposed to simply strip the browser straight from Windows 7 and let European customers deal with it themselves). Still though, it’s hard to argue with Baker’s points; Microsoft does give Internet Explorer preferential treatment… but then, IE is Microsoft’s browser, just as Windows is its OS – to expect otherwise might be a little naïve.

Moreover, some of Baker’s comments do sound a little odd. During a paragraph about the importance of updating Internet Explorer alongside the rest of Windows, regardless of the user’s browser of choice, Baker suggests that Internet Explorer should open itself, run updates and then close itself… it seems very unlikely that users will be somehow tricked into using IE by it not taking the time to close itself after an update.

Still, if Baker’s post seems stacked in favour of Mozilla and other browsers (apart from IE) then you should check out TGDaily’s piece on the affair, entitled “Mozilla finally loses all credibility,” in which the author insinuates all kinds of genuinely hilarious things… seriously, check it out, it’s laugh out loud stuff. You can read it here.


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