Europe to Get Windows 7 Upgrades After All


Back when Microsoft an the EU anti-trust people were at the height of their argument about including other browsers, Microsoft basically threw the baby out with the bath water and told everyone it was stripping Internet Explorer out of Windows 7 and repackaging it as Windows 7 E in Europe.


While all of that has since changed, things were all up in the air since Microsoft’s announcement that it was to cut the browser. The decision to excise Internet Explorer wasn’t one to be taken lightly, and it had necessitated development of a version of Windows sans browser. This meant that upgrades to Windows 7 for existing users were… pretty much impossible. So Microsoft wasn’t going to sell them. Now though, all of that’s changed, so it looks like we’ll be able to get upgrade packs.

The only real question for us is how this will effect people who pre-ordered Windows 7 packs through places like Amazon back when everyone was under the impression that Microsoft wouldn’t be offering an upgrade pack for Europe. Are those users simply to cancel and re-order a version that suits them better?

Regardless, since there’s no real “Upgrage” path from Windows XP to Windows 7 (without first upgrading to Windowx Vista, at least), so we imagine a substantial number of people will be looking at picking up a full copy of Windows 7 anyway.

You can read more about Windows 7, including pricing, over at TGDaily.


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