Facebook iPhone App Developer Lashes Out


Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been coming under some serious fire lately, not least because of it’s bizarre and often confusing review process, which seems to see legitimate apps blocked while strange things slip through. The latest complaint comes from Joe Hewitt, developer of the Facebook app for the iPhone/Touch.


Hewitt listed his laundry list of complaints about the App Store’s lack of transparency (among other things) in a blog post last night, in which he points out that iPhone/Touch apps really don’t need the kind of review process to which they’re being subjected. According to Hewitt, iPhone apps don’t have very much more access to the device than a web app might. Things get really interesting when Hewitt is in full flow, saying,

“The fact is this: Apple does not have the means to perform thorough quality assurance on any app. This is up to the developer. We have our own product managers and quality assurance testers, and we are liable to our users and the courts if we do anything evil or stupid. Apple may catch a few shallow bugs in the review process, but let’s face it, the real things they are looking for are not bugs, but violations of the terms of service.”

Perhaps the worst part is that Hewitt’s comments have, for the most part, already been made, but they’ve been made by developers working on far smaller apps than Facebook’s, which is immensely popular – for many iPhone/Touch owners it’s a must own.

Strangely, we’re almost expecting to hear a response from Apple to this, given that it’s been so frank with the development community lately about there being issues with the app review process. For now though, you can always read Hewitt’s blog, here.


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