Products at the PUP This Week


Good afternoon all. This is just a quick post to detail some of the stock we have available at our Dublin Pickup Point this week. As a general rule we stock one item per week at the PUP, generally they’re just some of the items we find people tend to add to orders as afterthoughts.

All this means is that if you’re collecting an order from our Pickup Point then you can grab the following at the PUP without having to order ahead.

Corsair Flash Voyager:


Corsair’s Voyager line is a range of durable USB thumb drives that manages to be both reliable and relatively cheap. This 8GB model will set you back €18.01, which isn’t a bad old deal. Moreover, being a combination of rugged and high capacity, it’s one of those things that’s just ideal to throw into a rucksack and not have to worry about, which makes it pretty much perfect for the “back to school” crowd… if you happen to be ordering now.

Click here for more details on the 8GB Flash Voyager.

WD Passport Essential:


Again, ideal for the back to school crowd, especially since back to school for many students means working on video or audio projects that can take up a significant amount of space, the Western Digital Passport Essential is a 320GB external drive for €67.

If nothing else, it’s 320GB of USB powered external storage, but in our experience the Passport tends to travel better than other drives (though, being disk based it’s not up to too much physical discomfort).

Click here to see more details on the Passport Essential 320GB.

WD TV HD Media Player:

Western Digital’s HD Media Player is one of those products that there is a range of alternatives to, but for which we still recommend the Western Digital for a combination of ease of use, solid firmware and price. At €89 it’s a fantastic set top box that will play media directly from any external source you plug into it via USB.

WD Media

In our experience, it does very well teamed up with the 1TB Western Digital Elements external hard drive, which you can pick up for around the €77 mark. Basically, if you have a large library of movies and music that you’d like to be able to play through your TV, then it’s an elegant solution than won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Click through to see our complete product page on the WD HD Media Player.

Creative Zen X-Fi 8GB:

Creative’s Zen X-Fi is an elegant alternative to Apple’s iPod range for anyone looking for a media player. Its internal 8GB of memory should be enough to satisfy people with a need for a portable music player, while the fact that it’s got an SD slot to expand the memory for anyone looking to add some video to it.


Moreover, it boasts an FM Tuner and a built-in speaker, which won’t do anything for audiophiles, but is just what the doctor ordered for small groups sitting around and having a chatter.

Our full product page has more details on the Creative Zen X-Fi 8GB. It’s only €114 too 🙂

Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS:

The last item on our list is Garmin’s Nuvi 200W, one of our most popular GPS units. Without mincing words at all, there are two reasons it sells as well as it does. It’s cheap at €119 and the fact that its widescreen means that you won’t be spending time squinting at the display to make out miniscule details on the map.


The 4.3” widescreen really does look far better than the usual 4:3 setup that GPS devices at this price point sport. Other than that, it boasts the usual array of Garmin features, but you’re probably better off checking out the dedicated page for those.

Here’s a link to our product page for the Garmin Nuvi 200W.


Well, that’s all we have for this week. I suppose we should say that these will only be available while stocks last, but for now it’s just something we wanted to get out there. If you’re within walking/driving distance of the PUP and any of these see appealing then you don’t need to place an order, just head down our way and we’ll sort you out.

I’ll try to keep the Twitter (@Komplettie) updated if we run out of stock on any of the above items to save people the trip out our way 🙂


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