Diablo III to Hit Consoles?


Blizzard has had a long and often troubled history with console releases. The original Diablo and Rock n’ Roll Racing survived in the console space admirably, however games like Starcraft made the transition far less favourably. Now though, it’s looking as though Diablo III could make the same move.


TomsHardware is reporting that Blizzard, despite having initially been very negative about the possibility of a console release for Diablo III, is now considering it again. It’s been noted that Blizzard is “currently talking to first parties.” The only real question there is just how Blizzard would sort out a console version of Diablo…

Diablo has long been a fundamentally multiplayer market, which means it could do very well in the current generation console space, with the emphasis on networked gameplay supported by both Sony and Microsoft (and, to a lesser extent, Nintendo). Things only really become problematic when you consider Blizzard’s much touted retooling of its Battle.net setup for both Diablo III and Starcraft II.

Porting Diablo III to consoles would require a way for Xbox Live or PSN (or perhaps both) to either find a way to talk to Battle.net without slowing the whole experience down or to boast their own, console-based versions of the service.

For now, we’d say the best move would be not to expect to see Diablo III on consoles, though we could well be proved wrong. Blizzard has said that delivering an optimal experience would be essential to delivering Diablo III to consoles, and it remains to be seen whether or not that can be achieved without a mouse and keyboard.


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