Microsoft Photoshops Black Man Out of Advertising


There are times when a generally respected company manages to do something so entirely clumsy and ham-fisted that you’ve got to be careful with a headline just so you can avoid looking like you’re trying to sensationalise things… this is one of those times.



Microsoft’s Polish division has made the incredibly uncomfortable decision to (reasonably) carefully remove a black member of staff from an advertisement for Microsoft’s software. Moreover, it’s only as awkward as it is because the photoshop job is so reprehensible…

The real issue here for Microsoft’s marketing team probably isn’t one of race, but of localisation. It could simply be the case that this was an advertisement dreamed up in a country where there are black people, while it may have been determined that the advertisement wouldn’t do well in Poland.

That said, it does force us to consider some things; if you had that particular photo under the knife and you were working for Microsoft, would you have left the white MacBook in there?


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2 Responses to “Microsoft Photoshops Black Man Out of Advertising”

  1. to6ko91 Says:

    Everybody knows that MS is not using Photoshop but paint ….

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    […] that Microsoft isn’t the only company with the power to offend entire nations with poorly thought out advertisements, Sony ran a PlayStation 3 ad touting the console’s reduced […]

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