Ion Based Netbooks Delayed


The first two netbooks set to incorporate Nvidia’s new Ion platform have been delayed so that they don’t launch just before Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 release, rendering them out of date as soon as they’re purchased.


Instead, The Inquirer is reporting that both Samsung and Lenovo have opted to delay the launch of their new, relatively high-performance netbooks until they can ship with Windows 7 installed. Of course, this has a knock on effect, not only for Nvidia, which must by now be painfully aware that there aren’t any netbooks on the markets using its much touted Ion board, but for customers who may end up footing the extra bill for Windows 7 installs.

While The Inquirer focuses on the cost that a full blown Windows 7 Home install is going to incur, it seems equally legitimate to question the need for high-performance netbooks to ship with Windows 7 at all. Admittedly, Windows 7 seems to have been received a damn sight better than Windows Vista was, but the fact is that it’s still (for most users) something of an unknown quantity.

This is one of those situations where we’d be relatively unsurprised to hear, after launch, that some portion of Samsung and Lenovo’s eventual customers hadn’t been asking about an XP install…

If you’ve not seen much about the Ion before, then you should check out this piece we wrote up on it a while back. Nvidia’s Ion is basically a GPU acting as a main board, complete with an Intel Atom processor sitting on it. You can imagine that that does for netbook performance, slotting a GeForce 9400m right into the device without taking up too much extra space is an impressive feat.


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