Product Spotlight – Acer 23” Wide V233Hb


Good afternoon all, hopefully this week has been kind to you. If you’re not familiar with the Product Spotlight pieces we run every Thursday then this is just a space where we can recommend products that we think are worth your attention but that don’t get too much hype or recommendation. Often there are products our staff has bought and enjoyed or just things we think don’t get the attention they might deserve.

Click the image to see the product page for this display :)

Click the image to see the product page for this display 🙂

This week, out spotlit product is a 23” Acer display. It’s marked down for the week by 7% to €139, which should be welcome news for anyone on the market for a new monitor (we had a long conversation about this on Twitter a few days ago) or even a spare monitor for a dual display setup.

As you might expect it’s 16:9 and is capable of 1080p (or FullHD). Moreover the response time (5 ms) is nice and fast and should be enough for anyone but the most dedicated of hardcore gamers to be perfectly satisfied.

The input is VGA too, which means that with the relatively inexpensive addition of a single cable you can hook it up to an Xbox 360. Pushing console connections over to monitors is a tactic we’ve grown fond of if only because it frees up TVs. It’s like buying peace and quiet in a crowded house 😉

Anyway, that’s all the detail I can really give on a display before I just start throwing bundles of numbers and measurements in centimeters at you guys, so I’ll leave you with this link to the Acer 23” detailed product page instead.

Hope you guys like it, at €139 it’s a solid deal.


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5 Responses to “Product Spotlight – Acer 23” Wide V233Hb”

  1. Joe Mc Says:

    Does this item cost include postage and packaging ??

    • komplettie Says:

      Sadly not Joe but if you’re in Dublin then you can have it delivered to our Pickup Point in Blanchardstown for collection at no extra charge 🙂 You’d only pay the €139

  2. Mari Says:

    Does this work in conjunction with a Mac laptop?

  3. kingsley Says:

    Would this monitor be suitable for the ps3 and as a bedroom tv?

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