Apple Drops Palm OS Sync in Snow Leopard


It’s starting to get a little hard to tell whether or not Apple’s moves to thwart Palm are part of its ongoing rivalry or just incidental to upgrades already in place. The latest news is that Apple’s latest OS X update removes functionally for Palm OS Sync.


Last month, Apple updated iTunes to version 8.1, apparently purposely removing the ability to sync Palm’s Pre smart phone with iTunes. Palm struck back, issuing an update to its mobile Web OS that re-enabled functionality (seemingly by disguising the device as an iPod). Apple responded by, once again, blocking the ability to sync with the Pre via iTunes update. Now though, there’s come a move that puts the ball firmly in Palm’s court.

Apple’s Snow Leopard not supporting Palm OS Sync isn’t as dramatic as people have made it out to be though. That said, while Palm has moved to Web OS for most of its devices, there are still a couple of devices out there for sale that do use Palm OS, and users with those devices will have to go to Palm if they want to get something done about it.

AppScout is reporting that Palm users with Palm OS based devices who’s like to retain that functionality in Snow Leopard should check out The Missing Sync for Palm OS, which will look after most of the functionality that’s now been dropped.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see if Palm responds by offering support for Palm OS. Given that it’s pretty much retired Palm OS in favour of Web OS, it seems unlikely that either Apple or Palm will do too much for it, but we could be pleasantly surprised yet.


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