Google Docs Now Boasts Translator


Google’s translation service is on of its most maligned services (with engines designed specifically to take advantage of the ridiculous results of translations to and from languages), but it’s also fantastically useful. Now though, you can use Google’s translation service from within Google Docs itself.


Word comes via the Google Blog that the translation service added to Google Docs will support translation into 42 languages. Happily enough, it features the option to replace the original document with the translated text or to add the translated document to a new Google Doc, though with Google Doc’s fairly generous space there’s no real need to overwrite documents (in our experience at least).

If nothing else this can be seen as one of the stepping stones on the way to Google’s upcoming Wave, which will allow for real time translation of instant messaging conversations. The ability to translate within Docs itself is, of course, basically just a minor efficiency update – you could always have used Google’s translator before to the same effect, but this is a far neater solution.

Sadly, Google Docs translate isn’t available in all the strange and wonderful flavours the Google homepage is. I’m not sure who but us would use the ability to translate Google Docs directly into Klingon, but we have our fingers crossed for future updates.

You can check out the official Google Blog for a charming post about how much the translate feature helps one of Google’s staff send a child’s school projects to Japan 🙂


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