Microsoft’s “Screw Google” Meetings


Microsoft has been accused of holding regular events that have come to be recognised as its “screw Google” meetings, which is a little strange, to say the least.


Daily Finance is reporting that these alleged “screw Google” meetings are part of an ongoing effort by Microsoft (and a raft of other companies) to discredit the search giant. If nothing else, Microsoft has plenty of reasons to take joy in any bad press for Google – it seems likely that any users Google happens to haemorrhage from its search engine would likely fall into Microsoft’s Bing or Yahoo Search, which is soon to become another appendage of Bing anyway.

What’s interesting is that this isn’t just a question of gaining new business from a potentially injured Google. According to quotes from sources ‘familiar with the matter,’ “Microsoft is at the centre of a group of companies who see Google as a threat to them in some combination of business and policy.” What we might take from this then, is the suggestion that Microsoft is threatened by Google, a threat that can likely only be coming from one place… and it’s not search.

Microsoft higher-ups have already commented on Google’s upcoming Chrome OS, and none too favourably. Basically, the official company word on Chrome has been that it’s nothing to worry about, but for anyone looking at the cost-centric netbook market that would appear not to be the case. Moreover, since Microsoft seems to be carefully dictating what versions of Windows 7 can be employed on netbooks of various sizes by OEMs, it seems that there could well be space for a more relaxed OS in that space. If Google plays nice with OEMs and Chrome OS, then Microsoft may well end up having something to fear from Google on its home turf.

If nothing else, it’s worth pointing out that for companies like Microsoft, underhanded campaigns have a tendency of backfiring. If, as Daily Finance implies, these meetings are specifically designed to find ways to “…make Google look like the big high-tech bad guy here,” then they’ve succeeded only in managing the polar opposite.

Naturally, Microsoft has denied that these meetings are anything like the various reports circulating about them have indicated. For our money, we’d say that these meetings aren’t nearly as monstrous as they’ve been made out to be, but it wouldn’t be too surprising to learn that they’ve happened after a fashion.

You can read an awful lot more over at Daily Finance. It’s well worth a look, if only to see the responses from companies involved in the alleged meetings.


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