Mozilla Expects Firefox 4 in 2010


With the move from Firefox 3.0 to Firefox 3.5, Mozilla had set a bit of a precedent for massively delayed updates. Fortunately enough, it’s looking as though that’s not something they’re in a hurry to continue. We’re to expect Firefox 4.0 in 2010.


TGDaily is reporting that Mozilla’s product roadmap for 2010 includes a relatively minor update to the current browser somewhere in the next few months as well as a comparatively major update somewhere in the first half of next year before we see something entirely new towards the end of 2010. For now, relatively little has been announced about Firefox 4.0, but we can deduce a reasonable amount from what little we know.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of news from the TGDaily piece is that Firefox 4.0 is to be released with an entirely new interface, regardless of which platform you happen to be using it on. For now, there’s no real detail, but there is a post on Mozilla’s blog that includes some mockups of the potential design for Firefox 4 that are, to say the least, interesting.


While these theme mockups aren’t earth-shattering stuff, the one that really does look like it might be the final design is relatively similar to Google’s Chrome (and the initial versions of Apple’s Safari 4) in that it boasts tabs along the topmost menu bar. Of course, we don’t know for sure which, if any, of those mockups will make it into the final version of Firefox 4, but it seems a fairly safe bet that one will.

If nothing else, interested parties should definitely check out the TGDaily article on Mozilla’s schedule for the next year or so. There’s some very interesting stuff in there about Gecko and mobile platforms that’s worth checking out.


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