Opera 10 Released


For those who’ve been part of the beta testing process and keeping up with its various releases, this news won’t come as a huge surprise, but for the rest of us it’s welcome; Opera 10 is now available for download.

Opera 10

Opera 10 has some fairly big claims to live up to, not least of which the idea that Opera Turbo, its new feature for users with lacklustre internet connections, should provide faster browsing. While we’ve given Turbo a lash here, we haven’t seen too many obvious improvements. That said, our connection is quite quick to begin with, so we’ll wait for your comments on that one before we can really decide on whether or not it’s worth keeping around.

The real question for Opera 10 isn’t just whether or not it can do anything new, Opera has long been something of an innovator in the browser market, but whether or not its latest version can gain some recognition for its enhancements. Simple features like Opera’s Speed Dial proved just popular enough to appear in Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari (with extensions adding the functionality to Firefox) but, apparently, not quite cool enough to see a massive uptake of Opera.

While Speed Dial has been aped by all of the other major browsers in some fashion (except, of course, Internet Explorer) there are still features to Opera that seem curious or even questionable. The ability to download torrents from within the browser is still present with Opera 10, but we imagine anyone who has any use for it will likely already be using a standalone torrent client.

Regardless of what we might think, Opera has taken a big step forward with the jump to Opera 10 and, if nothing else, it’s well worth checking out. You can grab it from the Opera page.


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