Sony Signs Google Chrome Deal


Sony and Google have signed a deal that will see Sony ship new machines with Google’s Chrome. Sadly though, it’s Google’s Chrome browser, rather than the much anticipated Chrome OS.

Google Chrome Logo

The BBC is reporting that, in the first deal like this that Google has ever made, Sony PCs will be shipping with Google’s Chrome browser pre-installed. If nothing else, this is worrying news for Microsoft, whose dominance of the web browser market could well be seen to be jeopardised by deals like this if they were to become the norm. That said, it’s interesting that this deal comes with Windows 7 so close to release.

Microsoft’s decision to push a “browser ballot screen” into Windows 7 as part of its ongoing anti-trust case with Opera and the EU seemed likely to have a pronounced impact on the shape of the browser market. It’ll be interesting to see how Google and Sony’s deal fits in with that kind of landscape when Windows 7 launches. It seems decidedly unlikely that Google would have signed a deal to have its browsers on Sony machines unless the browser ballot would have been a little unfavourable to non Microsoft browsers.

That’s not an unheard of position either, given that last week people inside Mozilla alleged that there were still a wide range of ways in which Microsoft had managed to make Internet Explorer into a kind default browser of choice even with the browser ballot option in place.

If nothing else, this will help raise Chrome’s profile. Regardless of your opinion on Google, Chrome seems to be a solid browser, and more competition among the big five browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer) can only really be a good thing in the long run.


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2 Responses to “Sony Signs Google Chrome Deal”

  1. to6ko91 Says:

    MS pwned …
    Thats the way they deserve it 😀

  2. @hmad Says:

    chrome look like a light browser, its simple but personally i don’t like the graphical view of the chrome browser

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