Special Offers – Week of September 1st


Good afternoon all, you’ll have to excuse the lateness of this post. Normally we post our Special Offers for the week on a Monday afternoon so you guys have as long as possible to take a look through them and weigh up options before you decide whether or not you’d like to buy something that’s on offer, but I was sick yesterday.

Anyway, this week we have some fairly big items on offer, including a Panasonic Blu-Ray player and sound setup, an Antec 850W power supply and an MSi motherboard.

Panasonic SC-BT200EB-K Home Cinema:

This is a fairly unusual bundle, but it’s a solid deal for anyone looking to round out or build their own home theatre setup. At its core it’s a Panasonic Blu-Ray player and a full 5.1 surround sound setup. Moreover, it’s marked down 8% this week, so it’ll set you back just about €579.

Click through to see the product page for the Panasonic Home Cinema setup :)

Click through to see the product page for the Panasonic Home Cinema setup 🙂

Moreover, it’s the little things that make a setup like this worth the investment. Anyone who’s opted to go with Apple for their portable music player of choice will be pleased to see that there’s an iPod cradle built in, which facilitates those of us who’ve moved on from the world of CDs and onto portable media for all of our music. If you’re like us and like to keep up with the news while you’re working around the house, the built-in FM radio is a welcome addition.

For anyone looking for more detail on the playback options the SC-BT200EB-K offers, it’s well worth noting that the player will manage Profile 2.0 Blu-Ray discs, as well as regular data DVDs. It also supports MP3, DivX, MPEG-2 and AVCHD. As you might expect, it’ll output in Full HD (that’s 1080p). It also boasts an SDHC memory card slot.

Anyway, it’s not a bad deal for €579, and since delivery to our Pickup Point is free at the moment, that’s the total cost if you live within driving distance. You can click through to the detailed product page for more information 🙂

Antec TPQ 850-EC, 850W PSU:

Antec’s 850W power supply is a bit of a beast, but it’s also down 10% for this week, which means that it’s a nice, reliable power supply that should power just about any machine you could care to put together without absolutely shattering your wallet.

Click through to see the product page for the Antec 850W PSU :)

Click through to see the product page for the Antec 850W PSU 🙂

There’s never too much to say about power supplies, but the salient points can be quite interesting. In this case, the TPQ (TruePower Quattro) has been designed to meet the 80PLUS standard, which means that it consumes 33% less power than many equivalent power supplies with similar outputs. If you feel you must buy an 850W power supply, you might as well go for the one that’s relatively green 😉

Anyway, there are all kinds of lovely details on the Antec TruePower Quattro, including the fact that it boasts an MTBF (mean time between failures) of 100,000 hours, on its page here. In case you’re wondering, 100,000 hours is about 11 and a half years, by our maths. Sounds like a nice reliable piece of hardware.

MSi P41T-C31, G41:

The last item on offer this week is MSi’s P41T-C31 mainboard. It’s a socket 775 board, which means that it’ll support Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors. It also takes DDR2 RAM. It’s down 9% this week to €53, which means it’s an ideal option for anyone looking to build a machine on the cheap.

Click through to see the MSi P41-T-C31 product page.

Click through to see the MSi P41-T-C31 product page.

The unexpected bonus here is a 7.1 channel surround card, which is ideal for anyone building a machine they expect to be watching movies on. It also boasts eight USB connections, for those who really can never have too many devices connected. If nothing else, it means you can plug in a massive amount of external storage, if that’s your thing.

Anyway, as I’ve said before when we’ve had motherboards on offer, most people come to motherboards with different things in mind. Rather than simply posting a complete list of the spec, it’s a lot better for me to just talk around the points that most will find interesting and offer a link to our more comprehensive list of specifications.

You can click through to see a full feature list for the MSi P41T-C31.


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