More Details of Nokia’s Netbook Emerge


Ever since the announcement of Nokia’s upcoming netbook, the Booklet 3G, there’s been an awful lot of buzz over relatively scant details. Now though, we’re starting to get a better impression of what the device will actually be like when we see it.


We had already known some of the more attractive qualities of the Booklet 3G, including the fact that it boasts an aluminium shell, weighs in at just 1¼KG and boasts a 10” but is only 2cm thick. The news that’s emerged today, according to Engadget, is that the Booklet 3G will be shipping with Windows 7, which will be welcome news to anyone looking forward to Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. Perhaps the most impressive news is on battery life and connectivity.

Nokia’s Booklet 3G’s battery life is said to weigh in at 12 hours, though nobody’s managed to get their hands on one to try it out. As we learned from users on our Twitter, one of the prime concerns people had about Nokia’s netbook was how it’s 3G setup would work and just how tied to networks customers would be.

Now though, Nokia has announced that it’s got a hot-swappable SIM setup, which puts them in an excellent position for anyone currently paying for O2, Vodafone or Meteor’s external 3G cards. It’s also worth noting that it’s got a “fanless design”, which means the aluminium shell could well be fairly important when it comes to keeping the whole thing cool.

The other big news is that we now have word on a price. Nokia’s Booklet 3G is likely to sell at €570, though we imagine that there’ll be versions made available through cellular gangs for significantly less.


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