Nintendo Offers Free Wii Web Browser


Shortly after the launch of Nintendo’s apparently unstoppable Wii, it launched a free beta of Opera for Wii, which basically meant that anyone who bought a Wii could connect to the internet and grab a web browser for nothing.


Around six months later though, the offer of a free beta closed and Opera for Wii became a “microtransaction” to own proruct. Basically you’ve had to pay Wii points to grab the browser. Now though, TomsHardware is reporting that it’s making the Wii version of Opera available for free again, which is welcome news. Moreover, Nintendo will be doing right by those of us who paid to download Opera in the period where it cost money.

Basically, if you paid for the Wii version of Opera’s browser you’ll be reimbursed by Nintendo, though not in… y’know, actual money. Instead you’ll be offered a free NES, SNES or Nintendo 64 game to add to any other virtual console games you’ve already got. It might not seem like much, but the offer of a free web browser is just another thing to add to the stack of reasons to own a Wii, and that’s a stack that’s already seeing it do well against both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Of course, the PS3 already boasts its own web browser, but with this move, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 becomes the only console without a free web browser, which seems a little unusual. That said, browsers do make less sense for the 360 as it lacks anything approaching the Wii’s pointer functionality to replace the mouse.

Still, always nice to see things offered for free.


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One Response to “Nintendo Offers Free Wii Web Browser”

  1. Ultimate Wii Says:

    Free stuff is especially great when it’s related to the Wii!

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