Cheer up all – There’s a Weekend About


Happy Friday everyone, hopefully the week has been at least as good to you guys as it’s been to me, if not a bit better (not too much better though, or we’ll get jealous). Anyway, in case you’re new to it, we tend to throw together a just-for-fun blog post on a Friday afternoon in an attempt to cheer up everyone in the last couple of hours before the weekend really kicks off.

I literally laughed until I felt like I might be sick at the above, so I figured we’d throw it up on the blog and see how people liked it, given that it seems a lot of our readers are game people it seemed like it might appeal.

Other than that, there’ve been a couple of things that have just made us giggle a bit this week we thought we’d pass your way. This included:

Green Army Man

To those of you who I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to at the Blogger Twitter Whatever event thingummy last night, I thought I’d say thanks. I had an excellent time and had been generally nervous until everyone was so resoundingly friendly 🙂 This one is a bit of a relic, but fantastic.


I hope you guys all have a good weekend and that this post at least got you to crack a smile.

If you need me over the weekend I’ll try and keep an eye on the Twitter (@Komplettie) and otherwise I’ll be back and updating the blog on Monday morning 🙂


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2 Responses to “Cheer up all – There’s a Weekend About”

  1. Flash Says:

    But What the heck IS Electronic Mail?

  2. cian1500ww Says:

    Another great blog post !!

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