Google Adds New Themes to Gmail


Google often rolls out new bits and pieces to products without too much fanfare, but after so many being down on Google about this week’s Gmail outage, it’s nice to see the company rallying, offering new themes for Gmail.


Google has updated the Gmail blog to show a conversation between two of its staff and reveal four new themes for Gmail. Interestingly enough, only one of the new themes matches up with the themes released for Google’s browser, Chrome.

What’s really got us though is the 80s gaming theme, which replaces the Superman theme as our theme of choice for Gmail. Admittedly, it does kind of undermine the whole experience by virtue of the fact that it can make it a little harder to read (and thus navigate) your Gmail, but the experience is so much more charming that we’re kind of happy with it anyway 🙂


That said, the whole presentation of new themes post is excellent, including such choice exchanges as,

“Jake: Well, who doesn’t like the color green?
Manu: And it doesn’t change every day, so it was easier for us to make.
Jake: Are you suggesting we’re lazy?
Manu: Prove that we’re not.
Jake: We just make four new themes. How about that?
Manu: It took us ten months. And the fourth theme (Random) merely cycles through all the others.”

You can check out the full post and the themes themselves over at the Gmail blog.


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