Toshiba Reveals Tablet PC


Toshiba has announced that its touch screen tablet, the JournE Touch should launch in time to see some of that precious Christmas time sales action.

toshiba tablet

Word comes via CNet that Toshiba’s tablet, revealed yesterday at the IFA, will boast a 7” screen in a 16:9 form factor and with an LED based touchscreen. As well you might expect at this size, it also boasts wireless and is running on an ARM-based processor. Perhaps the only reason not to get excited is the news that it’ll launch running Windows CE, if you’re opposed to Windows CE.

Toshiba’s Marco Perino had elucidated the choice of OS, saying that opting for Windows CE allowed Toshiba to get the device to market as quickly as possible, while simultaneously offering the most choice when it comes to apps for users.

It’s also nice to see that Toshiba seems to have a place in mind for the device, saying that it’ll be for those users who “…want to access the internet without booting your PC,” going on to say that smartphones’ keyboards really aren’t the right size for that kind of web use, which is fair enough.

It’s certainly an interesting device, but it seems an awful lot like many devices Archos already has in circulation (physically, if not in its OS implementation). It’ll be interesting to see if it gains any real purchase in the portable media segment. The real toss up will come when Apple releases its now seemingly inevitable entry to the tablet market, but it looks as though Toshiba’s aim is to already be an established player by the time that happens.

Toshiba hopes to have its tablet out in time for Christmas at the reasonable price of €249.


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One Response to “Toshiba Reveals Tablet PC”

  1. Carlos McGary Says:

    when you say christmas do you mean this chrismas of 2009 and when you say 249 dollars are you saying thousands or hundreds.

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