Windows 7 to Kick-Start PC Sales


It’s no secret that business hasn’t been so hot for big companies in the technology sector this year, it being slow for just about everyone, but Intel seems particularly confident that 2010 will see a turnaround. It seems hopes are pinned on Windows 7.


The Financial Times is reporting that Intel’s chief executive, Paul Otellini thinks that businesses are long overdue a refresh, stating that “most corporate notebooks are now over fur years old, desktops are five years old…” If nothing else, Intel is in a position to see an awful lot more figures than most, but they’re also a company that would benefit massively from a large scale “refresh” of the type Otellini seems to be expecting. Perhaps more interesting, is that Windows 7 was brought into the conversation.

Indeed, his view on Windows 7 is fairly cut and dry, expressly stated as, “I think Windows 7 will help drive a refresh in corporations and we’re cautiously optimistic we’ll see that in 2010.” It’s worth pointing out that news emerged earlier in the week that a not insignificant number of Intel’s own corporate machines are already running Microsoft’s upcoming update to Windows, so it seems that Otellini would we well placed to discuss the potential uptake of the OS.

The real question isn’t just whether or not people need to update their machines, but whether or not companies can spare the money needed to so. In cases like this the cost of a new machine and a new OS may well pale in comparison to the cost of training staff to use a new machine and a new OS. If nothing else, Otellini’s optimism is refreshing, but for now we’ll just have to hope that his predictions turn out to be at least a little correct.

If you’d like to watch the whole interview with Intel’s CEO, you can check it out over at the Financial Times.


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