YouTube to Deliver Movie Rental Service?


Just days after the news that YouTube had finally sorted out its six-month-long disagreement with UK music collection group PRS and will be displaying copyrighted music videos to UK customers again, it seems as though YouTube will be putting together a movie rental service.

YouTube logo

Word comes via TomsHardware that YouTube is currently in talks with movie studios in an attempt to wrangle a deal that would see the Google owned company streaming movie rentals to users. The report has it that YouTube is engaged in talks with Lion’s Gate, Sony, MGM and Time Warner. It’s hard not to wonder whether or not big studios will be able to overcome previous issues with YouTube and forge an agreement, but if there’s enough money going then it seems unlikely they’d turn it down.

Interestingly enough, this whole affair echoes the post on the YouTube blog dealing with music copyright, whose headline simply read “Premium Music Videos Return to YouTube.” That headline turning up in RSS feeds had had many running to their keyboards, convinced that YouTube was to start offering for-pay content.

Now though, it seems as though music videos won’t be the only premium content to be delivered by YouTube, but for us the real question is whether or not people will be willing to pay for streamed movie rentals from YouTube when other services are already available. For now, there just aren’t enough details on the potential service to make a judgement either way, but with the weight of Google behind it and the already massive YouTube user base, it seems unlikely it’d fail entirely.


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